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Israel Rescues Two Hostages From Hamas During Nighttime Raid In Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed on Monday that two Israeli hostages in Gaza were rescued during Sunday's raid in the Gaza Strip's Rafah city.

Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Maj. Gen. Daniel Hagari said IDF forces on the ground rescued two hostages in Sunday's night raid, which involved a gunfight with Hamas operatives and airstrikes across the area. statement on monday. Israel has been engaged in a months-long war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip in an effort to root out the terrorist group and rescue more than 130 hostages remaining in the area. (Related: Hamas tunnel network discovered under UN agency's jurisdiction in Gaza Strip, IDF announces staff fired for ties to terrorism)

The two freed hostages were Fernando Simon Marman and Luis Marman, both Israeli-Argentine nationals. according to to Reuters.

“Last night I took Louis and Fernando home,” Hagari said at a press conference on Monday. “This was a complex rescue operation under fire in central Rafah, based on highly sensitive and valuable information from the Directorate of Intelligence and the Israel Security Agency.”

Hagari said the IDF entered the Rafah building where Marman and Ha were being held by Hamas and immediately engaged in a gunfight with terrorist operatives. IDF soldiers shielded Marman and Herr from the gunfire, quickly removed them from the building, and airlifted them out of the area to provide medical care at Israel's Sheba Medical Center.

“With all the excitement and success of the rescue operation this morning, we never forget that there are still 134 hostages being held in Gaza,” Hagari said. “I want to tell you this morning, if you're listening to me, know that we are determined to bring you home.”

Israel has launched a sweeping counterattack against Hamas in retaliation for the October 7 terrorist attack on the country, killing more than 1,200 civilians and kidnapping hundreds more. The Israeli government is at odds with the Biden administration over the scope and duration of the war.

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