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It just means more? Bo Nix describes SEC fandom as ‘unhealthy obsession’

When it comes to SEC football, fans say it means a lot more.

But for former Auburn quarterback Bo Nix, the pressure of being an SEC fan may have been too much to bear.

During the performance Ryan Russillo's PodcastNix was asked what the biggest difference is between playing for his hometown Auburn University Tigers and going west to play at the University of Oregon.

His answer was surprising.

“In some ways, the hostility and unhealthy pressure that's exerted on 18- to 22-year-olds from the outside noise and the fans is like an unhealthy obsession in the South,” Nicks said. “That's how it was for me as a kid. I thought football was life or death.

“Then you come here and play your hardest and bring your passion to the game. In some ways, it's a little more relaxed and it's like, 'I'm proud of you for playing on the field, if you try hard and you really put in the work.' Obviously, we play to win. No one plays to lose and look good in front of a crowd. But I think the difference, frankly, is the amount of attention that goes into college football in the South and here, football is just a game and we find joy in it.”

Nicks had an up-and-down playing career over three years at Auburn University, hitting a low point after suffering an injury at the end of 2021.

He left Auburn University, where his father was a star quarterback, choosing to go west to play at the University of Oregon.

Nix came under intense scrutiny at Auburn, mainly because of his last name, and never got to develop into the quarterback he wanted to be in the SEC.

However, during his time at the University of Oregon, Nix rebuilt his career under head coach Dan Lanning and was named a Heisman Trophy finalist last season.

The Knicks now turn their focus to the NFL Draft at the end of April, where they are expected to select in the first three rounds.

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