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‘It Stinks’: CNN Reporter Gives Blunt Assessment Of Biden’s Approval Ratings

CNN’s senior data writer Harry Enten on Thursday gave a candid assessment of President Joe Biden’s approval ratings after new polls showed the president’s approval ratings had fallen.

CNN poll It turns out that 51% of Americans have a bad economy, and Mr. Biden’s approval rating is 41%. Opinion polls show Mr. Biden’s approval rating is just 37%, given his response to the economy. His approval rating drops to 30% when he considers dealing with inflation. Independent voters aren’t as happy with Mr. Biden, who has 26% support for his handling of inflation.

The poll was conducted from July 1 to July 31 and initially contacted 1,279 randomly selected adults by mail. Surveys were conducted online or by telephone. There is an error of 3.7%.

“This morning, new numbers were released detailing how Americans feel and think about President Biden in the Oval Office. CNN’s Harry Enten has more on the subject.It’s not just the numbers there, Harry.For you, it’s how it stacks up with the history of other presidents.” said host Kate Baldwin. (Related article: Media mogul, CNN host can’t understand why Americans aren’t into the Biden economy: ‘People like to be unhappy’)

“Jimmy Carter was the only one who was clearly bad. We always said that Donald Trump had a very low approval rating. You can see that the rating was slightly higher than Joe Biden’s approval rating: Mr. Trump’s approval rating was 43%, while Mr. Biden’s was only 41%. “I’m doing worse than Trump,” Enten said.

“The reason his approval rating is so low right now is the economy. The rate is 37%, and that’s the biggest problem with our polls, so it’s not so surprising that if you smell the issues that matter most to the American people, so do the approval ratings. I don’t think so,” Enten said.

Boldouan said there were “a lot” of positive economic reports, but Enten said voters were likely to have a “longer-term” view of the economy, with inflation declining year on year. However, he said he still sees it as high compared to two years ago. Before.

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