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‘It’s F*cked Up, Man!’: AOC Claps Back At Pro-Palestine Protesters Chasing Her Through Movie Theater Lobby

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was seen on video clapping back at pro-Palestinian protesters who tried to chase her and her fiancé Riley Roberts in a movie theater lobby on Monday. It was revealed.

Video footage posted on X (previously known as Twitter) showed two pro-Palestinian protesters approaching AOC at an alleged Brooklyn movie theater on Monday night. The two activists first approached a representative from the New York Democratic Party, who insisted that he did not refer to attacks in the Israel-Hamas war as a “genocide” of Palestinians. (Related: 'Death to Israel': Pro-Palestinian protesters destroy iconic 'Charging Bull' sculpture in New York)

“You refuse to call this a genocide,” a masked man said.

“I want you to understand this is wrong,” AOC said before the man was seen recording the incident.

“It's wrong not to actively oppose genocide when it's happening,” the man said.

“You're lying!” AOC shouted as she descended the escalator.

“Am I lying? You appeared on TV. [and] “I avoided talking about it,” the man replied.

The footage continued to show a second protester, believed to be a woman, following AOC down an escalator, asking the representatives why they weren't calling the attack a “genocide.”

“Then say it's genocide. Say it! Over 30,000 people died, AOC. You can only say it once? Just say the word. That's it! We want you to say it. That’s all,” cried the woman.

Protesters then followed the Democratic representatives out of the building, but Roberts stopped them, telling them to “stop.” But it appears activists continued to heckle AOC until she finally snapped on camera.

“You cut this, you clip this, you take it completely out of context,” AOC exclaimed as she walked away. “I said it already! And you're just going to pretend it wasn't happening. Over and over again. You're screwed, dude! You're not helping these people! You're not helping them. It’s not helping.”

AOC has repeatedly condemned Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip since retaliating after the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks, and even accused Israel of war crimes just weeks after the attacks. according to On Fox News. Representatives have not yet issued an official statement regarding the incident.

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