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Ivey signs measure to protect in vitro fertilization

Two weeks after a state Supreme Court decision halted IVF in the state, Governor Kay Ivey signed the IVF Protection Act with overwhelming support from the Alabama Legislature.

The House passed SB159 on Wednesday, the state Senate agreed, and it was sent to Ivey for signature.

“The overwhelming support for SB159 from the Alabama Legislature proves what we have always said: Alabama is committed to fostering a culture of life, and that includes in vitro fertilization. That's for sure,” Ivey said. “We are pleased to sign this important short-term measure to help Alabama couples expand their families through in vitro fertilization as they hope and pray to become parents.

“There is no doubt that IVF is a complex issue and we expect more work to be done in the future, but for now this legislation provides the necessary guarantees for IVF clinics to resume services quickly.” I’m confident we can do it.”

The governor said he is grateful to the Legislature for moving quickly with this stopgap measure so that fertility clinics, which had previously chosen to close out of an abundance of caution, can reopen.

“In Alabama, we recognize the critical role IVF plays in our commitment to fostering a culture of life, and the House and Senate are united in passing pro-life legislation for the people of Alabama. I couldn't be more proud of what I did,” she said. “I would like to thank Senator Tim Melson, Representative Terry Collins, Pro-Tem President Greg Reed, Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter, and members of Congress for quickly addressing issues that were not anticipated at the start of this session. I commend you for your efforts.”

Ledbetter praised Congress for coming together to pass the bill.

“Two weeks ago, the future of IVF in Alabama was in jeopardy,” he said. “Five days after the Alabama Supreme Court's decision, a bill granting immunity to IVF clinics has been signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey.

“Alabama recognizes the critical role that IVF plays in our commitment to fostering a culture of life, and we are proud that the House and Senate have come together to pass pro-life legislation for the people of Alabama.” I’m not proud.”

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