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IVF bills poised for passage in House, Senate

House and Senate bills that would create immunity for IVF clinics switched chambers on Tuesday and remain the fastest-moving bills in the liquidation committee.

Lawmakers rush to provide compensation to in vitro fertilization clinics after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that fetuses they treat can be held liable for the wrongful death of a minor. The committee's approval increases the chances of passage on the floor today. Damaged or destroyed.

Debate over the bill each lasted about three hours last week, with some Republican lawmakers raising concerns about how the bill aligns with pro-life ideas. Democrats also questioned whether these bills would solve the problem or leave the state grappling with “life starting again.”

“The problem we're trying to solve right now is to get families who are trying to have children back on track,” said Rep. Terry Collins, R-Decatur, who introduced the bill in the House. .

The bill would go into effect immediately after the governor signs it, meaning it could go into effect immediately after passing, and Gov. Kay Ivey is pushing the bill to allow IVF clinics to reopen as soon as possible.

The bill states: “No action, proceeding, or criminal prosecution shall be instituted or maintained against any person or entity for damage to or death of an embryo when providing or receiving services related to in vitro fertilization.” It is stipulated that

A special order calendar presented to the House this afternoon shows the Senate-approved IVF bill as the only bill to be considered today.The House is scheduled to gavel in at 4 p.m.

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