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Jacksonville Jaguars’ New $120,000,000 Facility Has ‘Most Advanced Urinals’ That Detect Players’ Hydration Levels

Jaguars live well, especially when it comes to bladders.

Owner Shad Khan and the Jacksonville Jaguars combined $120 million Their brand new practice facility is perfect from the looks of it. And that includes “the most advanced urinal in any professional sport.”

NFL Red Zone host and football legend Scott Hanson toured the Jaguars’ new facility Monday, spotlighting Grade A urinals that can actually detect players’ hydration levels. .

“If the light turns green when you leave, you’re good to go,” Hanson said, explaining how the sensor works. “If it’s yellow, you need to hydrate a little more. If it’s red, you’ll probably get attention from your athletic trainer. Maybe you’ll get an IV.”


It’s a solid investment for the Jaguars.

They can use the urinals to accomplish several things: 1. They can check if the player is properly hydrated overall. 2. Ensure players are properly hydrated, even on hot Florida days. 3. This is another good way to stay fit. Improve the player’s health and 4. be able to brag about their urinals.

Seriously, how many other NFL teams can say they have urinals to detect hydration levels? (Related: NFL Proves Its Dominance Again With Massive Preseason Game Viewership (Preseason Game!)

Pretty cool if you ask me. Now the Jaguars need to grasp the big picture of victory.

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