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Jail Booking Report for April 18 – 24

Below is a list of appointments from Graham County Adult Detention Facility for April 18-24, 2023. All information is collected from prison reservation lists. The following people are in prison, but each is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

April 18th

Jonica Gonzalez, 24, commitment order, myself.

April 19th

Jessica Morales, 33, GCSO warrant.

April 20th

No reservation

April 21st

Diego Romero, 22 years old, holding ceremony, Pasqua Yaki. Dora Nichols, 44, GCSO warrant. Charlotte Simmons, 39, assault, disorderly conduct, GCSO. Dewey Nolen, 38, Assault, GCSO. Christopher Higginbotham, 22, DUI, DUI, drugs, assault, GCSO.

April 22nd

Brianna Medina, 19, Disorderly, SPD. Richard Colunga, 18, commitment order, myself. Dempsey Vilas, 51, ‘new charges’, GCSO. Walter Guanilla, 31, ‘new charges’, PPD. Antonio Sandoval, 31, disorderly conduct, SPD. Kelly Hot, 55, DUI, DPS.

April 23rd

Ricky Bejarano, 26, warrant for PPD.

April 24th

Brandon Moore, 36, GCSO warrant. David Rios, 27, GCSO warrant. Angeline Vallejos, 41, lewd, SPD. Francis Adair, 49, SPD warrant. Devante Aguirre, 26, Warrant, GCSO.

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