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Jamal Thiaré Takes Casual Swig Of Water, Then Makes Sneakiest Game-Winning Score You’ll Ever See

Jamal Teare scored the winning goal in the final minutes of the game on Saturday to lead Atlanta United to a 2-1 win over Toronto.

Something unexpected happened during extra time in an Atlanta vs. Toronto home game. With time running out, Toronto goalie Luca Gavran picked up the ball and prepared to kick it up to end the game. What Gavran didn't notice was Tiare, who had surreptitiously positioned himself behind the goalie and even had time to take a sip from Gavran's water bottle near the goal. As the goalie tossed the ball to the ground to punt to end the game, Tiare stole the ball from the unsuspecting Gavran and kicked it into the goal to win the game and send the Atlanta fans into a frenzy.

None of the Toronto players seemed to realize that Teare had cleverly positioned himself behind Gavran.

“Exactly how we wanted it to be,” Atlanta interim head coach Rob Valentino joked during the game. Post-match press conference“I guess I'm young as a coach and in the game and I've never seen anything like this.”

This is Tiare's first season with Atlanta. This season he has appeared in 14 games and scored five goals. according to ESPN. (Related article: After the US Men's National Team's disastrous loss, someone needs to be fired, and I know exactly who it is)

This latest win for Atlanta was a bright spot in a disappointing season. Currently 9th They are second only to Toronto in the Major League Soccer standings.

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