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Jason Kelce Got An Absolutely Amazing Retirement Gift From Fans — A Beer Keg

Eagles fans are legendary for this.

Monday was a very emotional day, to say the least, for future Hall of Famer Jason Kelce, his family, and the entire Philadelphia Eagles fan base after the superstar announced his retirement from the NFL. It was a special day.

Things got so serious that both Jason and his brother Travis broke down in tears during the press conference, but Eagles fans tried to lift his spirits by giving him a keg of beer. Fans waited outside the NovaCare complex as Jason drove by. (Related: Kelce brothers could earn as much as $100 million from podcast 'New Heights': report)

John Paul, a reporter for ABC6 in Philadelphia, caught video of an Eagles fan trying to give Jason a beer, but unfortunately Jason didn't stop to have a drink with the fan or receive the keg. There wasn't. He's too emotional for that business. Still, it was pretty cool to see Jason, proudly holding a beer keg, drive by and interact with fans a little.

Be sure to check out this glory.

This is a great gift that is fun and represents Jason well. I understand he was emotional, but it's still a shame he didn't get to spend time with the fans and beer kegs.

But nevertheless, it's a pretty cool story overall.

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