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JESSICA ANDERSON: After Biden’s Debate Night Flop, The Ball Is In Republicans’ Court

This week, the New York Times announced a new battleground. vote It's galvanized Democratic campaign consultants and caused legacy media like CNN to take a hit, but before Republicans start high-fiving each other, they should think more deeply about what this poll actually means and what they need to do next.

of vote Overall, the polls show that black and Hispanic voters are leaning toward former President Donald Trump, and that he's leading the polls in key battleground states like Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania — in some cases by large or even double-digit margins. That's good news and some big early gains. (Related article: Ashley Hayek: Corporate media has been planning Trump's Trump strategy for years over Biden. It all came crashing down last night.)

President Joe Biden's approval rating is the lowest Historically low levelsFrom economics to immigration, he Underwater The Biden campaign remains vocal on the issues that matter most to voters. Couple that with the discouraging vocal attitude of the far-left on issues like Gaza and the Biden campaign seems to sense a big problem.

But while this poll shows that fatigue among Biden supporters is real and widespread, it doesn't indicate that Republicans' work is still done.

Indeed, mistaking Biden fatigue for Republican enthusiasm and expecting the same turnout would be fatal — at least for now. In some places, former President Trump's strong performance is directly correlated to Biden's poor performance among core Democratic voters: black voters, Hispanic voters and some women.

Conservatives must turn Biden fatigue and failure into voter enthusiasm, but that won't happen automatically.

With just 25 weeks until the November election, Republicans need to capitalize on Biden's predicament by incorporating a robust voter outreach program that includes increased absentee and early voter turnout. This, combined with massive rallies like those seen in New Jersey last weekend, would create a winning combination for Republicans to win in November.

Things look good for Republicans, given the New York Times poll and the 100,000 voters who turned out in heavily Democratic New Jersey, but now is not the time to get overconfident. As we all learned in 2020 and 2022, the left has a history of using polls and the media to sell a false reality and stifle fears while stifling the energy of Republican voters.

In both election cycles, we also learned that we should not underestimate the left's ability to rally voters using a variety of tactics and dirty tricks. (Spoiler alert: they still will.)

There are too many problems to stand by and allow us to repeat the mistakes of the past. When you look at the polls and talk to voters on the ground, it's clear that Republicans are winning on the issues.

We have the solutions to the biggest problems facing the country, and we have conservative supporters across the district ready to fight in Washington and protect our American way of life. But that's not enough. We must also run an effective and efficient voter outreach and get-out-the-vote operation.

Sentinel Action Fund has already begun working to get Republican voters to the polls in key Senate battlegrounds across the country. We're already seeing results in Pennsylvania, a key state in the New York Times poll. Together with the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) and Keystone Renewal PAC, we Skip the Line PA.Vote Provide information and encourage voters to register for mail-in voting rolls.

Ahead of Pennsylvania's primary, more than 24,000 Republicans joined the annual mail-in voter rolls. Democrats added just 13,000 new mail-in voters in the same period, meaning Republicans are surging to the left and beginning to close their absentee voting gap.

With these efforts in place, and taking into account the New York Times poll results, the Republican Party's path to November becomes much clearer.

Republicans must continue to highlight our strengths on policy issues and use all tools and tactics legally available to reach voters and increase turnout. The key to winning the next election is to mount a strong, low-key operation to capitalize on Biden fatigue and failure and build enthusiasm for the conservative candidate.

Jessica Anderson is chairman of the Sentinel Action Fund.

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