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Joe Biden’s Presidential Motorcade Causes Oregon To Be Late For College Hoops Game Against UCLA

Because, of course, Joe Biden is involved in this…

Joe Biden should take a lot of responsibility for a lot of things. The economy is in shambles, the borders are in utter devastation, and there is total chaos abroad. And now this man is single-handedly trying to destroy college basketball.

In what Uncle Joe expected, the Oregon Ducks men's basketball team arrived late to their game against the UCLA Bruins due to the beloved president's motorcade. (Related: Newcastle United fan banned until 2026 for views on transgender people: report)

Seriously, are we delaying the event now because we're so confused?

By the way, it has nothing to do with him.

What happened here is that Dax and Biden were staying at the exact same Beverly Hills hotel, and the president was visiting Los Angeles to attend a fundraising event. Less than a mile from Pauley Pavilion, Oregon State left his hotel to catch a bus, but ended up having to wait an hour for Biden's motorcade.

Now we can't even play college basketball because of Joe Biden…what a sad situation in America.

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