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Joe Rogan Says Ron DeSantis Is ‘F*cking’ Up His Florida Record, ‘Can’t Beat’ Trump

Joe Rogan said Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is hurting his track record in Florida and has no chance of beating former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential primary.

Mr Logan said Mr DeSantis lacked the personality to compete well with Mr Trump in the primary due to a “cult” of die-hard supporters of the former president.

“There’s a cult behind Trump, which means people who love him think he’s their hero,” Logan said. “The way he says, the bombastic personality, the way he controls a room, the way he talks in an arena of screaming fans, makes people laugh and says what they want to hear. DeSantis can’t do that.”

Mr. Logan later said Mr. DeSantis’ poor campaign was “messing up” his reputation as a successful governor and that Mr. DeSantis should never have run for president.

“I don’t think he can beat Trump…” [I]You can’t beat Trump if he’s not in prison,” Logan continued, adding that Trump supporters see the indictment as a “witch hunt” and “an act of the Banana Republic.” (Related: Joe Rogan says DeSantis would make a ‘good president’)

Trump leads the Republican primary with 53.5% of the vote, while DeSantis is a distant second with 15%. according to To Five Thirty Eight.

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