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John Kennedy Says Justice Department ‘Got It Good And Hard’ In SCOTUS Immunity Decision

Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana said Monday that the Biden administration had sought a swift Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity and “robustly won it.”

The Supreme Court ruled in former President Donald Trump's immunity appeal that a president enjoys immunity from prosecution for “official business” while in office. Kennedy called the 6-3 decision, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, “predictable.” (RELATED: 'Trump's victory': Jonathan Turley says Supreme Court immunity decision is a blow to Jack Smith)

“I want to make three points. First, let's not forget that the Department of Justice exceeded its authority in seeking this opinion and the Department of Justice duly obtained it,” Kennedy told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. “Second, you didn't have to be Oliver Wendell Scalia to see this opinion coming. It was predictable because it's the law. The Constitution and common sense dictate that the Department of Justice cannot criminally prosecute a president for official conduct. It can prosecute a president for private conduct.”


“If the Department of Justice wants to prosecute the president for conduct, the Department of Justice has the burden of proving that it was a personal act, and the Supreme Court has said we're not going to do the work for you,” Kennedy continued.

Kennedy then focused on doubts about Biden's mental state, after the president appeared frozen and made multiple gaffes during Thursday's debate with Trump.

“Martha, the third point I want to make is, remember, the Supreme Court sees what we see,” Kennedy said. “President Biden is losing this election. President Biden has a neurodegenerative disease. He practically invents a new language every time he speaks. His family has serious legal problems. His staff, who run the country, are more interested in gas stoves and whether men can breastfeed than they are in inflation, crime, borders and national security. That's why the president is losing.”

“This case has been political from the beginning,” Kennedy continued, “It was designed to help President Biden, and I think the United States Supreme Court said today, 'Look, we don't get into politics, we don't want to get embroiled in this.' That's why, in my opinion, this was a very innocuous and predictable decision.”

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