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JOSH FINDLAY: It Is Time To End Sloppy Election Processes

With the general election looming, it is important to sort out some of the most pressing unresolved issues in key battleground states across the country like Georgia.

The weeks since Georgia's last primary election have highlighted significant procedural issues that must be resolved before the November election. Election security advocates should be most concerned by the voting problems that emerged in this primary. Macon-Bibb County.

National newspapers widely reported on the Macon-Bibb County ballot mix-up. Redistricting meant that some voters received incorrect ballots and were unable to vote for the correct candidate. The mix-up was so severe that the Georgia NAACP publicly called for the ballot mix-up. pause To the election.

All Americans should be concerned about the possibility of interference, especially when it comes to issues that could have a significant impact on the outcome of an election. Even if these procedural errors were small enough to affect the outcome, publicly suspending the election can send a signal to voters that the legitimacy of their vote is being taken seriously by local authorities. (RELATED: Findlay: New Georgia lawsuit demands answers to questions about election officials' certification)

This year, Georgia Democratic Party start Targeting The Election Commission sent letters threatening legal action to election officials who failed to certify the votes, claiming that certification was a task that it had no discretion over. Left-leaning media and organizations reinforced this claim, article, Reportsand Legal Review An article arguing that election officials must certify each election no matter what.

However, certification must follow a proper timeline. Just as election officials cannot certify before an election has been held, they cannot certify before certain election procedures under the Election Act have been completed. An election is not complete until the entire process is complete.

The Left would have us believe that election officials are simply failing to certify the results, but this is simply not true. In Fulton County, Commissioner of Registration and Elections Julie Adams said: request She requested the election paperwork necessary to perform her duties under election law well before the election, and when she was denied, she sued Fulton County to obtain the necessary paperwork and clarify her duties.

Many articles and reports claim that certification is the minister's job, but they often overlook the reasons why electoral authorities may refuse to certify. For example, the recent Defending Democracy report The election certification report argues that election procedures prior to certification help prevent problems with fraud and inaccuracy, but what the report fails to understand is that election officials are refusing to certify elections because it is unclear whether these procedures required by law were completed and followed. (Related article: Josh Findlay: Even in hallowed houses of worship, Biden administration is deceiving voters about their sincerity)

Groups across the political spectrum have questions about a sloppy election process, and a discretionary certification process could prevent that by holding election officials accountable for completing their jobs before certifying.

“It's clear that Georgians, and Americans, want our election process to be completed properly. As we head into November, voters need to know that having the authority for election officials to conduct a full election process is a key issue and solution to that problem.”

Josh Findlay is director of the National Election Protection Project at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and former national director of election integrity for the Republican National Committee.

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