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Journalist Celebrates ‘Queer Sea’ After Photographers Capture Gay Whale Rape

After what appears to be the first underwater image of a male humpback whale having sex with another male humpback whale in Hawaiian waters was released, a journalist said such homosexual acts were common. suggested that it might be.

In light of this new footage, British author Philip Hoare wrote an article titled “Gay, Lesbian and Intersex Whales: Our Queer Seas Have Much to Teach Us.'' , published Friday. guardian. Hoare cited new photographs as evidence and suggested that humpback whales exhibit both homosexual and lesbian behavior.

“[T]It's not surprising that he thought about lesbian whales. ”

The new images show that male humpback whales have homosexual tendencies, so it makes sense that the same would be true for females of the species, marine biologist Dr Conor Ryan told the magazine. (Related: Watchdog begins investigation into offshore wind power project as whale deaths continue)

While sexual intercourse between two male giant animals is eye-catching in the field, Ryan argues that the animal act of 'cuddling' between two female whales is often overlooked and overlooked. .

“In fact, graphic descriptions of male-on-male behavior can mask many 'invisible' female-on-female sexual interactions,” Hoare added.

According to the paper, Dr Ryan claimed to have witnessed such same-sex behavior firsthand in both dolphins and whales during his research. (Related: Unreleased footage of a group of dolphins committing a water robbery)

According to the paper, the scientists brought up the idea of ​​a “non-binary” beaked whale in the conversation, saying, “It turns out that this whale has both male and female reproductive organs.”

The Guardian concluded that undersea sexuality is not so simple.

“The ocean itself is a strange place, where gender can sometimes be a vague concept,” Hoare wrote.

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