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Justice Sarah Stewart endorsed by Republican Sheriffs, law enforcement leaders

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Sarah Stewart weighs in on a new round of important legislation This week, a group of 30 Republican sheriffs and police chiefs met to voice support for the crackdown. I support her efforts to become the next Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Support for these campaigns comes from some of Alabama's most influential sheriffs and police chiefs. This comes after Judge Stewart announced last week that her campaign was endorsed by 26 people. Republican district attorneys from all over Alabama.

“These endorsements solidify Judge Sarah Stewart as a true 'tough on crime' judge and should stand the test of time.” She sends a message to voters that she truly believes in 'law and order,'” said Shelby County Sheriff John Samaniego. “Judge Stewart has the confidence of law enforcement officers and our community stands behind her.”

Judge Sarah Stewart has 20 years of judicial experience, including six years on the Supreme Court.she He has a proven conservative judicial record and a reputation for handing out long sentences to the worst offenders.

Judge Stewart: “I am honored to have the support of Alabama's conservative law enforcement leaders.'' Said. “Our county sheriff’s deputies and city police officers are the front lines protecting our lives. Community and our property. They face daily challenges posed by illegal immigration. The expansion of the drug trade and the illegal pandemic across our country.I am grateful for their support and they Certainly always had mine. ”

The list of law enforcement supporters includes Shelby Sheriff John Samaniego;Sheriff Billy Murray, St. Claire. Sheriff Kevin Turner, Madison; Sheriff Hoss Mack, Baldwin. Sheriff Paul Birch, Mobile.sheriff sam Cochran (Ret.), Mobile. Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy. Sheriff Scott Byrd, coffee. Sheriff Joe Hamilton, Lauderdale; Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore, Talladega; Sheriff Rocky Hanen, Jackson.sheriff richard stringer Washington; Sheriff Dwayne Smith, Clark. Sheriff Matthew Wade, Calhoun; Sheriff Jordan Powell Pickens; Sheriff Marty Gottwald, Lamar; Sheriff Brian Yarby, Fayette; Sheriff Heath Jackson, Escambia. Sheriff Phil Simms, Marshall. Sheriff Mason Bynum, Dale. Sheriff Tony Helms, Geneva.sheriff eric valentine Colbert. Sheriff Jeff Shaver, Cherokee Nation; Chief Deputy Sheriff Josh Summerford, Cherokee Nation;sheriff blake Turman, Covington. Sheriff Terry Mears, Crenshaw; Chief of Police Ron Tyler, Florence.building police chief Partridge, Oxford. Chief of Police Aaron Carpenter, Chatom.Former ALEA director, current director City of Ozark Public Safety Charles Ward.

Please see the campaign site for details.

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