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Kari Lake to meet with senators as she inches closer to Senate bid

Lake is likely to inspire Trump supporters to the point that many Republicans consider it almost impossible for her to lose in the primary. I am concerned that Lake will alienate swing voters in the general election after claiming the loss of .

A number of Trump-related Senate candidates won primaries last year, only to lose in the fall. Steve Danes The chairman of the NRSC, (R-Mont.), is actively seeking potential candidates in key battleground states such as West Virginia, Montana and Pennsylvania. However, Danes has yet to pick a favorite in Arizona.

and CNN interview This week, the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell He declined to comment directly on Mr. Lake’s potential run, but removed Arizona from his list of the Senate’s top four battlefields. He said it was “likely” that Republican leaders would wait until after the primary to decide if they would get involved. I think it’s Nevada, Arizona,” he said. The Arizona Senate primaries won’t take place until August 2024, he said.

The NRSC regularly sits down with potential and declared candidates. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, the only Republican to announce his candidacy for Cinema’s seat, said earlier this year that he met with the NRSC to talk to businesswoman Karin Taylor-Robson, who is considering campaigning. was the same. Taylor Robson lost to Lake in the 2022 gubernatorial primary.

A spokesperson for Lake did not provide the names of the senators she is sitting with this week.The NRSC declined to comment on whether Daines is meeting with Lake. When Lake met with her NRSC officials earlier in February, she hadn’t seen him.

Lake and her staff have recently taken a number of steps to suggest she could run for Senate or be Trump’s vice-presidential nominee if he is nominated. Her aide, Colton Duncan, He said “I’m 99% sure she will run for Senate.” She has a book called Unafraid: Just Getting Started. she also attacked Gallego for being too liberal for Arizona.

A Republican strategist close to Lake said she plans to announce her Senate campaign in early fall, while others in her orbit said the kickoff could come sooner.

Additionally, Lake made two stops this year in Iowa, where he happened to grow up. Last week, she spoke at the Hungarian Conservative Political Action Conference, where she met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a respected international figure in her MAGA movement in the United States. She’s currently in England, appearing on ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ and telling him about her gubernatorial election loss and a lawsuit challenging her future.

“If for some reason the election doesn’t get a fair result, I will probably run for Senate.” Lake told him.

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