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‘Keep Running Your Mouth’: Pat McAfee Absolutely Blasts Bill Simmons Over Lost Super Bowl Parlay

This man named Pat McAfee…

It only took a month, but my husband was right back on the drama.

Back in January, McAfee accused Norby Williamson of allegedly trying to destroy “The Pat McAfee Show,” sparking an uproar behind the scenes at ESPN. When that settled down, McAfee has since stayed away from the drama to this day.

McAfee fired an absolute bazooka at sports media icon Bill Simmons on his radio show Monday. He was talking about how about 8,000 bettors on FanDuel tailed Simmons during his Super Bowl 15 parlay. But apparently the bet didn't work out and everyone lost money. (Related article: 'F*ck You': Marshawn Lynch hilariously trolls 49ers fans after San Francisco's blowout Super Bowl loss)

Now, McAfee took this as an opportunity to slam Simmons, boasting that he had raised about 250,000 on his deal, but there was no mention of whether or not it was cashed out.

“I think Bill Simmons had it all figured out, but I think he had about 8,000 people on board,” McAfee quipped. “That's a huge number that we didn't make. That's really big. Thank you very much, Bill. You still have it…Shut up, Bill.”


For those who don't know why Pat McAfee is at odds with Bill Simmons, here's why.

I don't blame Pat for being annoyed, but hey, let's see some more drama here. I heard that this has an effect on viewer ratings.

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