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Kentucky High School Evacuated Following ‘Fart Spray’

A “fart spray” prank caused an emergency evacuation at Oldham County High School on Tuesday, local media outlet WAVE reported.

This prank was initially thought to be a complete evacuation due to a gas leak, but according to into the waves. It turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate prank involving “fart spray.” Around 11 a.m., a school resource officer assigned to the school detected a strong gas-like odor pervading the building, and an alarm sounded. This resulted in police, fire brigade and emergency medical services immediately being called to the scene.

After further investigation, firefighters quickly confirmed that the fears were unfounded and determined that the odor was caused by a liquid substance that the students had deliberately poured into two trash cans, the paper added. After fire personnel used special equipment to remove the odor, students and staff were able to resume their day safely. After the incident, seven students were evaluated for discomfort caused by the incident, but none required further treatment before returning to class. (Related: Dog poop bag dispenser resembling a grenade causes bomb attack at school, alarming authorities)

Authorities, including Oldham County police detectives, confirmed that the substance that caused the disturbance was non-toxic. According to WAVE, the incident remains under active investigation as authorities work to understand the motive behind the prank and determine appropriate measures to prevent future incidents.

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