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Kevin Costner Reportedly Loses An A-List Friendship Over Taylor Sheridan’s Newest Show

“Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner has fallen out with actress Demi Moore after she accepted a role in Taylor Sheridan's new Paramount+ series “Landman,” according to a report released Saturday. It was done.

Moore, 61, will co-star with Billy Bob Thornton, Ali Larter and Jon Hamm in the upcoming series “Landman” from “Yellowstone” co-creator Sheridan. Apparently, Moore and Costner have a long friendship, and her decision to work with Sheridan really pissed him off, RadarOnline claimed.

There are still rumors that Costner and Sheridan can't stand each other. The drama began within the 'Yellowstone' franchise due to the breakdown of Costner's marriage, resulting in the show losing a year of production and an alleged contractual disagreement leading to Costner suing the show publicly. he threatened. Costner has also been spending all this time working on his Western, Horizon, which looks great but is disappointing for fans of Yellowstone who are still waiting for the conclusion to this epic cowboy drama. It wasn't you.

A source told Radar that Costner “told Demi that Taylor would court her, but once he had her under his control, it was game over.” You are just a fungible actor. Another source said, “Demi respects Kevin's opinion, but he is no longer getting offers for big movies.'' Demi thinks if he's going to be on TV, he might as well work with the hottest producer!” (Related: Kevin Costner is building a new movie studio and it's going to be absolutely beautiful)

If this report is accurate, then the source is correct. Sheridan is currently the most successful producer in television. It's not just because his shows are watched by millions of people, but because he's one of the few creators who actually writes believable stories.

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