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Kingman Receives State Funding for Rancho Santa Fe Traffic Interchange

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The City of Kingman has been working with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) for decades on the need for the Rancho-Santa Fe Transit Interchange. The city is pleased to announce that he has officially received a $20 million donation from the State of Arizona to bring this project to life.

Mayor Ken Watkins, Kingman, ADOT, Transportation Interchanges, State Funds

Kingman Mayor Ken Watkins said, “Funds are in the bank and we are excited about the progress of this project.” “We cannot thank former State Representative Regina Cobb and Mojave County Supervisor Travis Ringenfelter for their hard work and dedication in making this funding opportunity possible. ”

The state’s $20 million contribution is in addition to the funds the City of Kingman and developer KDP Manager, LLC have dedicated to meeting the project’s funding needs.

For more than 40 years, the Rancho Santa Fe Transit Interchange (formerly known as the Rattlesnake Wash) has been recognized as the critical transit infrastructure needed to increase the economic vitality of Northwest Arizona. Interchanges and access roads will connect the Kingman Municipal Airport and Industrial Park to Interstate 40 and the future commercial corridor, Interstate 11.

City Manager Ron Foggin said, “This project is critical to the growth of our community and opens up much-needed industrial opportunities in the city for businesses looking to bring business to Kingman. will be.”

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