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Kirsten Dunst Recalls Demeaning Nickname She Got On ‘Spider-Man’ Set

Kirsten Dunst opened up about being nicknamed “Girly Girl” on the set of Spider-Man in an interview with Marie Claire published on Tuesday.

The acclaimed actress, known for her role as Mary Jane Watson on the series, spoke about her experience on set and her subsequent regrets for not standing up for herself in that moment.

“I was joking, but in Spider-Man, he would sometimes call me 'girly girl' on the walkie-talkie,” she said. Said Marie Claire discussing her latest project “Civil War”.

“But I didn't say anything…like, stop calling me that,” she added. (Related article: 'Spider-Man' actress Marisa Tomei says she proposed the idea that her famous character 'should be with a woman')

“You didn't say anything. You just accepted it,” Dunst continued, describing a culture where silence is expected.

Director Dunst reflected on the wave of women in her field who have spoken out against abusive practices, including Gillian Armstrong, who directed 1994's Little Women, whom she has had the opportunity to collaborate with throughout her career. He expressed his gratitude to the female directors.

“I witnessed the power of a very young woman,” Dunst told Marie Claire. “I think that's why I didn't need male attention in my career.”

Dunst has worked with female directors, including Sofia Coppola on Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides, Lesley Headland on The Bachelorette, and Jane Campion on Power of the Dog. I have chosen it repeatedly.

Aware that her appearance as a conventionally attractive blonde could cause prejudice among male directors, Dunst expressed concerns to her manager that she would be cast for her looks rather than her talent. He told the magazine that he had confided in him.

“I feel like I was hired because I'm someone they might want to sleep with,” Dunst told Marie Claire.

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