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Law Catches Up With Infamous Bear Burglar

California authorities arrested a mother bear and her cubs on Friday.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has declared a mother Asian black bear “safe” after she and her three cubs were responsible for a series of home invasions and at least 21 property damage incidents dating back to early 2022. I got stuck.” according to to the Associated Press. This bear is known as “64F” and is being transferred to a sanctuary in Colorado because we humans are too pathetic to coexist with nature.

Her children were removed from custody and placed in a rehab facility in Sonoma, California, the report continued. According to the agency, the people (monsters) who caused this think they can be released back into the wild if they stop the negative behaviors they learned from the sows.

DNA analysis revealed 64F to be one of three different bears that have caused more than 150 incidents throughout Northern California and Nevada. Initially, it was believed that a bear, “Hank the Tank”, was behind the crime. In early 2022, a suspected 500-pound male was identified and discussed for euthanasia, but subsequent DNA evidence suggests that the invasion by “Hank” was actually the work of at least three different bears. turned out to be. (Related: Officials kill bison calves in Yellowstone National Park, blame tourists)

So let me be clear. California legislators have banned home invasions, assaults, drug use in public places, drug sales in public places, living on sidewalks, taking drugs naked on sidewalks and children’s parks, and other crimes. It will not allow the police to arrest humans for many heinous crimes. crime.

But those same lawmakers would allow the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to capture mother bears and separate them from their cubs, perhaps one of the most evil deeds humans do to any animal. This is the world we live in, and it’s upside down.

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