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‘Liberal Jihad’: Lindsey Graham, NBC Host Clash Over Support Of Trump

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and NBC host Kristen Welker clashed Sunday morning over their continued support of former President Donald Trump.

Graham appeared on “Meet the Press” and spoke about his support for Trump in the 2024 election, despite criticism of Trump's comments and meetings with certain leaders. Welker asked the South Carolina senator about President Trump's recent meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Several I believe that we are leading this country into a dictatorship.

When Mr. Welker pressed Mr. Graham about the meeting between the two men and whether President Trump “wanted” to govern like Mr. Orbán in his second term, Mr. Graham pushed back, saying that Mr. Biden was “destroying the world.” expressed concern that the (Related: President Trump meets Laken Riley's family at Georgia rally)

“But you know former President Trump talked about being a dictator from day one. He said it would be great to have strong people running our country. “We're talking about term retaliation, Senator,” Welker said.

“Do you know what he said? [He said] Retaliation will be successful. Who voted Trump out of Colorado? Who voted Trump out of Maine? There's a liberal crusade against all things Trump. “I'm not worried about Trump destroying democracy, I'm worried about Biden destroying the world,” Graham countered.

“They were Republicans. And, you know, the Supreme Court has now put him back on the ballot,” Welker responded.

“Yeah, but what you want to ask me is, is Trump bad for this country?” Graham said.

“No,” Mr. Welker said.

Mr. Graham and Mr. Welker continued their back-and-forth, but the South Carolina senator pointed out that the race was between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump. Graham also called for a public debate between Biden and Trump, saying America “deserves” a debate now more than ever.

“I would say Joe Biden's policies are bad for America and are setting the world on fire,” Graham said.

“Senator, let me be clear: he aligns himself with Viktor Orbán, who is seen as a strongman,” Welker said.

“Which NATO member just voted to admit Sweden?” Graham jumped in.

“Although unwillingly, he has rolled back Hungry's democratic norms,” ​​Welker said.

“Mr. Orbán is not on the ballot. You have to vote for Trump or Biden. Biden has messed up the world in every way he can – borders are broken, the world is on fire. If he really is When you come back and you're good and well, I want you to get into a room with Donald Trump and have a discussion. Instead of reading from a teleprompter, answer questions from people like you. In American history. “If ever there was an election that deserves a debate between two candidates, it's this one,” Graham said.

Orbán is known for praising the former president's foreign policy decisions, and in an exclusive interview with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, he said Russia would go to war with Ukraine while Trump was in office. pointed out that it would never have happened.

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