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Lifetime Achievement Award Granted to Retired County Attorney

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Penny Kramer, a longtime veteran of the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office (YCAO) in Prescott, Arizona, presents the Arizona Attorneys Advisory Board’s annual statewide administrative expert in Phoenix on Friday, July 28, 2023. At the conference, he was awarded the Administrative Professional Lifetime Achievement Award. , Arizona.

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(From left to right: Arizona Attorney’s Advisory Board Executive Director Elizabeth Ortiz; Yavapai County Attorney Penny Kramer; Dennis McGrane)

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have had outstanding careers as administrative professionals in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who have made significant contributions to the protection of public safety and the administration of justice, and whose careers have exemplified the highest standards of dedication and commitment to the nation. is what you do. Profession.

Mr. Kramer joined YCAO in September 2004 as a legal secretary assisting prosecutors in misdemeanor cases. The YCAO prosecutes nearly every type of crime in Yavapai County, from misdemeanors to capital murders. Administrative experts know that prosecutors are responsible for organizing prosecution files, coordinating court hearings and other appointments, scheduling interviews with victims and witnesses, and performing a myriad of other important duties. Allow the incident to be handled.

Kramer spent 18 years with the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office before retiring earlier this year. During his tenure at YCAO, Kramer rose rapidly through the ranks and held nearly every administrative profession until he was appointed county attorney’s executive assistant in 2005.

As an executive assistant, Cramer was required to think for himself, act quickly and courteously, and handle numerous administrative tasks. Her Mr. Kramer duties required her to be the focal point of communication with the public, the legal community and law enforcement agencies.

Yavapai County Attorney Dennis McGran said, “I am deeply grateful for Penny’s excellent work ethic, integrity, kindness, and dedication to the Yavapai County criminal justice system.” , Penny often took on the toughest jobs without complaint: Victims, police officers, and members of the public told Penny to help callers solve their problems or direct them to those who could. We have often received feedback that we have worked harder than ever before, and this well-deserved award is a testament to how hard Penny and fellow YCAO officials work to pursue justice for victims and accountability for offenders. I hope it sheds some light.”

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