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Lindsay Lohan Confirms ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel Is In The Works

Lindsay Lohan confirmed in an interview on SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live Monday that the long-awaited Freaky Friday sequel is officially in the works.

Lohan revealed that she and co-star Jamie Lee Curtis are ready to reprise their iconic roles. Lohan shared the news on Andy Cohen's show. Ms. Lohan said she “doesn't want to say much.” according to To E! news. “And we're both excited. I speak for Jamie.”

However, Lohan remained tight-lipped about specific details such as the project's schedule. “I won’t say that yet,” Lohan said. This confirmation comes after a series of teases and hints dropped over the past year, culminating in this latest announcement. The news reported.

Freaky Friday, a remake of the 1976 classic starring Jodie Foster, features the comedic mother-daughter duo Lohan and Curtis, who end up in each other's bodies after a mysterious, magical accident. The news reported. The film, which was released in 2003 and was an instant hit, showcased the dynamic chemistry between Lohan and Curtis and received critical acclaim from both critics and audiences. (Related: Jamie Lee Curtis says degendering the Oscars could deprive women of opportunities)

Lohan and Curtis' relationship has clearly remained strong over the years. Last November, Curtis posted a selfie with Lohan, showing a glimpse of their bond, and expressed hope for a sequel now that the actors' strike is over.

“Too late. You have grown up and become so beautiful!” Curtis wrote on Instagram. post. “Well, it's Friday and the strike is over, so I hope we can move around again in the near future! @Linceirohan.”

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