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LIV Golf Withdraws Application To Obtain World Ranking Points

Things are only going to get worse for LIV Golf.

For some time now, LIV Golf has been fighting for recognition in the world rankings, but it appears that the battle has come to an end with the league match. withdraw application.

Back in July 2022, LIV first submitted an application to the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR) Committee, but on Tuesday removed the application and revealed it was no longer expected to be approved. They were rejected in October. (Related article: Houston Astros' Justin Verlander to start 2024 MLB season on injured reserve)

OWGR Chairman Peter Dawson said: “It is unfortunate that we could not find a way to include LIV Golf in the rankings that is fair and equitable to the 24 tours currently covered and their thousands of playing members.'' . at that time.

In recent messages, ESPNLIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman slammed OWGR.

“It is clear that the best way forward for LIV as a league, and for you as LIV golfers, is to bypass the current ranking system,” he wrote. “There is no longer a resolution to protect the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of the OWGR rankings. We will fight for you and go to great lengths to ensure your achievements are recognized within the existing ranking system. Unfortunately, OWGR has shown little desire to work productively with us.”

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