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LMAO: This Easily Has To Be One Of The Greatest Sports Media Flub Ups Of All-Time

From a media perspective, this will likely be the number one moment of Super Bowl week: a straight-up hilarious moment.

When it comes to sports talk radio, big game week is truly one of the scariest times to work. Because each show is filled with crappy guests who say nothing but just promote their products. It's a chaotic hot mess.

Well, “The Boomer and Geo Show,” which airs on WFAN in New York and the CBS Sports Network nationwide, is no exception. However, when it came to one of the guests, they suffered a fiasco, but it was pure comedy for us and provided us with a classic moment in the history of Super Bowl week. (Related: Well, well, well: Looks like conservatives bullied Bud Light into making a funny Super Bowl ad without Mulvaney)

Show producer Al Dukes scheduled an interview with Randy Moss, but it never happened. that Randy Moss. Their replacement was not an NFL Hall of Famer like they had hoped, but legendary horse race caster/expert Randy Moss.

And to make this moment even more beautiful, hosts Greg Gianotti and Boomer Esiason realized their mistake while talking live on air about what Moss was promoting, providing a great moment on the radio. He gave it to me.

It's pure gold.


I watch Boomer and Geo from time to time because of comical moments like this, but I've never seen anything quite like this…I'm now calling it the greatest segment in the show's history.

It's very classic. It's very classic.

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