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Los Angeles Woman Dies In Crossfire Between Rival Drug Dealers In Mexico

A Los Angeles woman was killed in a shootout between two rival drug traffickers at a beach club in Mexico on Friday, the Daily Mail reported.

Niko Honalbakhsh, 44, was shot dead during the ordeal. according to to the Daily Mail. The shooting occurred just after 6:30 p.m. local time and left Honalbakhsh and another man known as “Belize” dead. Prosecutors said Honalbakhsh was an innocent bystander and had no connection to the drug-related activity that led to the shooting.

Honalbakhsh, who lives in Cancun but is originally from California, was just enjoying the sunset with his dog at a beach club when the violence erupted, the Daily Mail reported. Witnesses said that before the tragic incident, Honalbakhsh was spending time with his pets on the beach and seemed content.

The sudden gunfire was initially mistaken for fireworks, shocking onlookers who had no time to react to the chaos. Prosecutors have made it clear that Honalbakhsh and “Belize” are not a couple. (Related: Mexican drug cartels are expanding into new industries – Wi-Fi, prosecutors say: Report)

“The man identified as “Belize'' has been identified as having likely participated in events that could constitute drug-related crimes in the form of drug trafficking and as being part of a criminal group that has caused violence in the state. ,” the state attorney general said. The Daily Mail reported that he said in a statement. “At the time of the incident, the subject had in his possession a clear bag containing a white powder characteristic of cocaine, a clear bag containing red and orange pills, and a clear bag containing brown granular powder. was in possession of.”

According to the Daily Mail, authorities have identified a suspect in the shooting and are actively pursuing him.

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