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Man Chased Out Of Store After Allegedly Ejaculating On Woman’s Leg, Video Shows

Authorities in Philadelphia are searching for a man who was seen being chased out of a Dollar Tree store after he allegedly ejaculated on a woman's leg.

A chaotic video posted to Twitter shows the woman chasing the man as he screams and runs from the store into the car park.

“Look, he put it in my leg!” the woman behind the camera yells, showing her leg to the camera, then begins sobbing. “Go to hell you bitch! Oh my god, he put it in my leg!” (Related article: Taekwondo instructor's family rescues woman from suspected sexual assaulter)

Store employees claim that the suspect in the incident frequents the area and a nearby underpass and may have parked his car there. according to Authorities later posted a photo showing the man's face clearly, describing him as a 6-foot-tall black man, around 25-30 years old, with a receding hairline and a beard.

A photo posted by authorities shows a man wearing grey shorts and a shirt that reads “I won't lick myself.”

Meek Mill, a famous rapper from Philadelphia Participated Police, who have launched a search for the man, posted on Twitter on Wednesday that they have “two belts” pointing to his location.

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