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Man Reportedly Charged With Using Beer Can As Murder Weapon

West Virginia State Police on Monday charged a 27-year-old man with using a beer can to stomp and seriously injure a victim, according to multiple reports.

Tyler Anderson allegedly hit a partygoer unconscious with a beer can on Saturday, then kicked and stomped the victim in the head, a criminal complaint states. according to Go to WDTV News. (Related: Report: Investor buys old brewery, discovers secret beer cave from the 1800s)

The victim was ultimately taken to a trauma center in critical condition, the complaint added, the paper reported. The victim's exact condition is unknown at this time, but Anderson has been charged with first-degree murder, according to the complaint.

Anderson assaulted another victim at the party when she tried to intervene, causing “visible injuries to the victim's rib cage and face,” the criminal complaint states. according to Go to WBOY12 News.

According to the complaint, Anderson fled the scene with the help of Bradley Rogers, 21, WBOY 12 News reported. The two went to a local hospital, according to the complaint. Police allege that Rodgers “laughed and joked about the situation” and then lied to police about transporting Anderson, the paper said. Rogers reportedly later confessed to driving Anderson to the party and transporting her “from the scene,” according to the complaint.

Rogers was later arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit bodily injury, according to WBOY 12 News.

Police later found Anderson in the mother and children's apartment and arrested him, the report said. Police said Anderson threatened to kill his mother if she called the police, the newspaper reported.

Anderson is reportedly charged with a series of crimes in addition to the first-degree murder charge mentioned above. These include malicious injury, conspiracy to cause injury, malicious assault, kidnapping, assault, domestic violence and obstruction of law enforcement, WBOY 12 News reports. Anderson is currently being held in jail without bail, according to WDTV News.

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