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Maricopa County: Kari Lake should be sanctioned for lies during election trial | State

Kari Lake and her attorneys repeatedly lied and falsified evidence in court during last week’s election challenge trial and should be sanctioned for it, the Maricopa County attorney wrote. Submission Tuesday.

“The factual errors by Lake and her attorneys are not a series of mere coincidences or zealous advocacy. They represent a definitive misinformation program,” Maricopa County Deputy Attorney Tom Liddy said in a filing. Stated.

“Lake and her lawyers have absolutely no excuse for presenting these falsehoods in court and must be sanctioned by the court,” he added.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson Judgment against Lake During last week’s three-day trial, Maricopa County failed to prove that it ignored state law and failed to verify signatures for early voting in the 2022 general election, it said May 22.

In his ruling, Mr. Thompson confirmed that Democrat Katie Hobbs, who defeated Mr. Lake by 17,000 votes, was the governor of Arizona.

In the county’s sanctions request, Liddy noted that Lake and her attorneys, Washington, D.C. employment attorney Kurt Olsen and Scottsdale divorce attorney Brian Brehm, have: recently licensed He was indicted by the Arizona Supreme Court for making false statements to the Arizona Supreme Court.

“Ethics officials would have been duly reprimanded both by the Supreme Court’s statement that they had made ‘clearly false’ statements to the court and the resulting financial sanctions issued by the Supreme Court,” said Liddy. wrote Mr. “But Lake and her lawyers didn’t flinch. Instead, they were inexplicably encouraged.”

Last week’s trial was Lake’s trial. number two in Thompson’s court. She lost the first trial in December and appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court. Sent 1 of the first 10 claims back to Thompson He called for further investigation and supported the dismissal of nine others.

Lake’s allegation that Maricopa County did not perform signature verification was “absolutely frivolous,” Liddy wrote, noting that her attorneys was fully aware of this. Participated in signature verification for the county.

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“This testimony was known to Lake and her attorney prior to trial and was offered to substantiate her signature verification claim, conclusively substantiating Lake’s false claim that no signature verification took place. I broke it,” Liddy wrote. “Lake and her attorneys can no longer claim that they believed her claim could have succeeded when her own fact witnesses testified that her signature verification had in fact taken place.”

During the trial, Olsen and Brem allege that experts had county elections officials approve 274,000 ballot signatures within three seconds and 70,000 signatures within two seconds. So I tried to prove that the required signature verification was not actually done. However, the judge did not accept the argument, saying Arizona law does not stipulate the amount of time workers must spend verifying their signatures.

Liddy also accused Olsen of claiming in his closing arguments that the election was rigged against Lake without providing any evidence for that allegation.

“Not only did Lake fail to prove that the election was rigged by a clear and convincing standard of evidence, but he also did not bother to prove in court that the election was ‘rigged’.” wrote Liddy. “She didn’t even question a single witness to elicit evidence that the election was rigged.”

Since losing the gubernatorial election six months ago, Lake has repeatedly claimed she was the true governor and that the election was rigged against her, but so far. any court We consider her supposed evidence for this claim compelling.

“Lake’s attorney engaged in blatant manipulation to defraud the court when he said the election was ‘rigged,'” Liddy wrote. “Such blatantly false statements should provoke a strong retaliatory response from the courts.”

Maricopa County asked the court to impose economic sanctions against Lake and his attorneys in amounts the court deemed appropriate. In addition to the sanctions, they are also seeking legal fees from Lake and her lawyers.

The other defendants in the case, Mr. Hobbes and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, have yet to seek sanctions.

of their reactionLake and her team suggested that all parties to the lawsuit pay their own attorney fees, and that the county and the other defendants in the lawsuit did not ask for specific amounts by the court’s deadline, so they would be reimbursed for attorney fees. said there was no obligation to

At a press conference on Tuesday, she cursed the media and made a “big announcement” that she would start working. vote tracking program, Mr. Lake said he planned to appeal the loss in the second trial. She didn’t reveal any details about the plan.

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