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Kari Lake signature verifications claim rejected by judge

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5/AP) — Kari Lake’s case suffered another loss on Monday when a judge dismissed her last remaining claim. After a three-day trial last week, Judge Peter A. Thompson said the court had found clear and compelling evidence that Maricopa County election officials did not accurately verify signatures during

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Maricopa County rewarded for saving animal lives

The Maricopa County Department of Animal Care and Management received a $100,000 grant investment from national nonprofit Petcolab to support animal rescue efforts in Maricopa County. Petco Love is a national nonprofit focused on change for pets by using the power of love to make communities and pet families closer,

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Maricopa County seeking sanctions against Kari Lake and legal team

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) — The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office filed a motion seeking sanctions and attorneys’ fees against Kari Lake and her legal team in the dismissed election lawsuit. On Tuesday, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell said in court documents that her office would request sanctions because Lake and her

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County to defend against Bar complaint involving prosecutor it fired

Maricopa County will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend an Arizona attorney’s complaint against a former prosecutor who was fired for falsely accusing protesters. The county oversight board on Wednesday “upped the Risk Management Department additional legal fees and costs” in defending an attorney’s complaint about April Sponsel,

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Maricopa residents find many problems in brand new homes

Maricopa, Arizona — With lush green lawns, lakes and palm-lined streets, it’s easy to see what draws residents to Province, a new residential community of more than 55 homes in Maricopa. “When you drive into Province for the first time, the scenery is breathtaking,” said Julie Schwarberg. Credit:

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Maricopa County seeks sanctions against Lake, attorneys

Maricopa County Attorneys Impose Sanctions Against Former Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake and Her Lawyers for “Heinous and Extremely Harmful” Allegations That the November 2022 Election Was “Stealed.” I asked the judge to drop it. In a request late Tuesday, the county’s acting attorney identified five “serious factual errors” made by

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