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Maricopa Library & Cultural Center Invites Local Creatives to

Maricopa Library and Cultural Center's upcoming art gallery themed “Fall Fun” is creating a new opportunity for local artists looking to show off their autumn spirit. According to a July 2 announcement, the library's Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee launched the celebratory platform to capture the essence of fall festivities through the lens of local talent, which will adorn the library's walls from September through December this year.

Now, those who have the ability and the inclination to interpret what “Fall Fun” means for themselves, remember that every masterpiece requires paperwork. Yes, that includes a completed application form and the submission of your work. By the way, the application form is [email protected] By August 5, 2024. Procrastination is a cruel muse, so make sure you get it done on time.

For those who are particular about forms and small print, Official City of Maricopa websiteStrike while the iron is hot, or should we say while the leaves are still crunching underfoot? Either way, this is a chance for Maricopa artists to receive public acclaim and contribute their vision to the shared narrative of what fall festivals mean in this part of Arizona.

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