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Mark Wahlberg Gets Religious In Super Bowl Ad

Mark Wahlberg and Jonathan Roomy, best known for their roles as Jesus in “The Chosen,” invited viewers into a moment of collective prayer through the Catholic meditation app “Hallow” in their Super Bowl commercial.

of advertisementwill be broadcast during the highly anticipated game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs and integrates scenes of various groups participating in prayer. We feature moments of faith and reflection across different walks of life, from families gathered for dinner to soldiers stationed overseas.

“Lord, we took this time to give thanks to you,” the actor said. “Please join us in praying this Lenten Halloween. Please continue to pray,” said Wahlberg, a devout Catholic.

His involvement with Hallow highlights his dedication to his faith and his desire to share the peace and comfort he finds in prayer with a wider audience. according to To EW. Hallow offers a variety of spiritual content, including audio-guided prayers, Bible stories, meditation, and resources aimed at helping you sleep, with Wahlberg serving as both his guest narrator and spokesperson. Contributing. (Related: Report: Church tells parishioners it will refrain from playing hymns written by white people)

The actor has spoken openly about his faith, as reflected in his statement during an appearance on Today in February 2023. It highlights his intention to share. Wahlberg's approach to faith is inclusive and recognizes the importance of respecting the diverse spiritual paths people take.

“I don't want to cram it down anyone's throat, but I don't deny my faith. That's an even bigger sin,” he said in a previous appearance on a TV show. today.

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