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Massachusetts High School Staffer Reportedly Hurt Following Governor’s Refusal To Send National Guard

A staff member was injured in a fight between students at Massachusetts' largest high school on Monday after the governor rejected a request from school officials for National Guard assistance, according to reports.

A Brockton High School employee was injured during an “argument between students” and sent home after medical evaluation, the Boston Globe reported. The names of the staff and students were not released and no further details were released. Brockton School District spokesperson Jordan Maybram told the outlet that the students involved will be disciplined according to district policies and procedures.

A Brockton Police Department spokesperson told the outlet that Brockton School Police are working with school administrators to investigate the matter.

The newspaper said Monday's incident was the latest of three or four fights a week at the school, which has about 3,600 students. In addition to this, there are also unauthorized student removals, trespassing, drug abuse, and other social issues, and four members of the Brockton School Committee, Brockton Mayor and School Committee Chairman Robert Sullivan, petitioned Democratic Governor Maura Healey to “send in the National Guard to assist.” To restore order, ensure the safety of everyone on school grounds, and take steps to address the root causes of the problems we face. ” February 15th letter It was shown by the petitioners.

Although Governor Healey expressed his understanding of the situation, he reportedly rejected the request about two weeks later, saying, “I don't think it's appropriate to dispatch the National Guard.'' Her administration reportedly chose instead to fund an audit of the situation. (Related article: 'Disheartening stories': Years after the pandemic, teachers continue to flee the profession)

School teachers reached breaking point, Boston Globe revealed. One teacher reportedly broke his arm two years ago when she tried to break up a fight, and the next day the teacher said someone could be “seriously injured or God forbid killed.” I warned you. Thirty-five teachers were absent from school recently, a situation the committee members who petitioned authorities called “alarming.”

According to the Boston Globe, about 7 out of 10 students at Brockton High School are from low-income families, and faculty members talked about vaping, drug dealing, sex in empty classrooms and violence at the school. That's what it means.

The school had no record of any progress in English proficiency, poor performance in English, mathematics or science, and suffered from chronic absenteeism. according to 2023 Official Accountability Report.

The school's current principal, Kevin McCaskill, was appointed earlier this year to “define what it means to be a boxer in Brockton,” the Enterprise reported. report. Shortly after, he announced a number of disciplinary and development measures. reportedly He urged the Board of Education to “supervise repairs.”

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