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Massive Brawl Featuring Molly Whops And Pepper Spray Breaks Out At High School Basketball Game In Georgia

That's the definition of “all hell breaks loose.”

Absolute chaos spread during a high school basketball game in Cairo, Georgia on Friday night when a massive brawl broke out after a heated overtime game between the Westover Patriots and the Cairo Syrup Makers. .

up to 77-74 victory Things reportedly got tense for the Syrup Makers (love that name) and several technical fouls were called. After the contest, a huge roar rang out and things reached a boiling point.

The absolutely insane video shows a crowd of players, coaches, fans and family members rampaging on the court, with molly hoops being thrown and pepper spray being sprayed. . (Related: A giant beer belly appears, a massive brawl breaks out during a youth wrestling match, and all hell breaks loose)

According to reporter Janile Cooper, who was watching the game, the incident started when Westover's head coach confronted a player from Cairo. In the end, the tension got so high that punches were thrown. Cooper claimed it appeared to be “some sort of assistant coach” from Westover who performed the first pop, resulting in complete confusion.

Players were fighting players, coaches were fighting coaches, and fans were clearing the stands when police intervened and someone hit someone with pepper spray. And it wasn't from a cop.


very hot!

Imagine you are attending a local high school basketball game. Then all hell breaks loose just like this. Silly, sure, but I know we're all enjoying this clown fest with popcorn in hand.

Good purr, what a sight.

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