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The Debt Ceiling ‘Argument’ Is Just About Paying Bills

News broadcasts and articles about the debt ceiling battle seem to sidestep the fact that this is not a battle between Republican and Democratic politicians over national debt concerns. This is an extortion attempt by the Republican Party to force drastic budget cuts by threatening to default on payments to debtors. Republicans are using the threat like a game of chicken to see who will flinch first. When Obama was president, he did the same, with Democrats bowing to Republican demands for budget cuts that adversely affected government planning in the years that followed. This year is Blackmail 2.0. Force Democrats to make tough cuts for years to come to avoid defaulting and sending the economy into deep recession. When Trump was president, Republicans were less worried about the country’s debt, spending like crazy and giving the wealthy (their main class) huge tax cuts. All of a sudden, when a Democratic president comes to power, they act in such a way that they are very concerned about it, revealing their deceitfulness and hypocrisy.

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Mining Act of 1872

That’s how it worked in 1872, when the current Mining Act was enacted. I found minerals. You built a mine. and dug some wells. Added a miner house. Once the minerals were depleted, you packed up in your pony and set off.

I’m pretty sure there’s copper somewhere outside of densely populated areas in Arizona. Why won’t Hudbay send the man out, and if he finds something, follow the steps in my first paragraph and we’ll all get along. It seems easier to start from scratch than to buy an unwanted house and deal with the aftermath.

Instead, Hudbay will set up five open pit mines in densely populated areas. And they soak up straws to suck out about 13 million gallons of groundwater a day, destroy national forests, turn national lands into toxic waste dumps, and pollute neighborhoods for miles. Become.

Ciscomani’s eye-opener

The deception and manipulation that Republican Congressman Juan Ciscomani has been displaying since taking office is finally catching up. He’s going to make us believe he comes from a poor, hard-working immigrant family and that he has affection for the region’s middle- and lower-middle-class Americans. error. Does he really think that all his “voters” are so stupid they don’t know what the Republican Party has done to America in the last 60 years? Apparently, his greatest desire is to garner financial support from the Republican billionaire, who just recently voted in favor of drastic cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Veteran’s Benefits, Medicaid, and child benefits. It is proven by He has shown he is strong enough to be nonpartisan and stand for what is good for the district and America, instead of aligning himself with all the radical atrocities of the Republican Party. Wake up voters, don’t think about Juan Ciscomani’s re-election.

Delora remains eligible for PAC-12 football

I myself am not used to the all-too-familiar news about male athletes (college or professional) who have a troubled past of sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence, etc. and remain eligible to play in their respective sports. I feel like I’m lost. In the case of college football, it’s either the future prodigy of the game, or the future franchise pros who are the equivalent of a “too big to fail” bank to be bailed out, i.e. the “program” and special players to protect. Is it a financial expenditure? I can only imagine what alumni donations will help. Many times the inequalities are perpetuated and the guilty only have to write an apology or pay a fine.

Tucson Government

Regarding the article on April 30, “Tucson Considers Municipal Power Company”. TEPCO objected. ”

What an amazing thing to see a city that can’t fix its roads and provide safety for its residents, that wants to plant a million trees in a city that’s running out of water, is trying to generate electricity in the Tucson area. You should. ! Living in an unincorporated part of Pima County that the city wants annexed is truly terrifying. Wouldn’t it be better to let Pima County and her TEP provide proper service?The answer is yes. The city of Tucson should focus on doing a few things well.

reasonable gun control

Another mass murder… how rare is that? Clearly, until a congressman, or a congressman’s underage child, is murdered in a mass shooting, the dying congress will have no reason (without prejudice to the “rights” conferred by the Second Amendment). There is no incentive to act on reasonable and rational gun control. And it has to be a Republican congressman, not just a congressman. Otherwise, there would be no agreement, expanded background checks requiring manufacturers to obtain approval for assault weapons separately from bans on certain types of guns (required by pharmaceutical companies when new drugs are introduced), red flag laws, etc. No reasonable gun control laws exist. etc., are not only considered, but may also be implemented. none. Until Republicans can “mourn” their deaths, Congress will do nothing. Wait…there will be thoughts and prayers.

maintain the creditworthiness of the U.S. government

Regarding the letter of May 7 “Budget Limits”.

I generally disagree with what the writer of this letter is saying. But I can’t help but agree with some of his latest letters. His child is maxed out on credit card debt, and the person who wrote the letter is appalled. what to do? I quote from his letter. “First, I will pay the bill.”

congratulations! You need to reach out to all Republican lawmakers and remind them of this immediately. Tell them to vote to raise the national debt ceiling and preserve the creditworthiness of the US government. What happens next is debatable, but we must not allow debts to go unpaid and credit ratings to decline. And there’s a difference between setting rules from now on and starving the poor child. Remember, you once told him it was okay to spend more — where’s the cash from the Trump tax cuts?


About the May 7th article, Writers in Southern Arizona: Romance, Thought, Mystery, and History.

I was thrilled to find a review of my book Sticky Karma in Southern Arizona Authors on Sunday, but I have to give credit where credit is due. The founders of the Southern Arizona Writing Project were Jim Rankin, Margaret Fleming, and John Hollowell, not me. However, I was invited to attend my first seminar, became a SAWP research assistant, and a few years later became a board member.

My first experience and continued association shaped my path as a teacher and as a writer. One of the premises of this project was that if you’re going to teach writing, you should write. At presentations and trainings across the state, I was always amazed at how few English teachers wrote, and how many had been humiliated by their teachers as students. I was.

The writing projects that sprang up across the country were something of a renaissance in education. I am very sad to hear that so many books have been banned. I can only wonder what kind of unhealed trauma lies beneath it.

it’s a gun

Both local and national politicians say nothing can be done about the shooting. If there really is nothing an elected official can think of to stop our near-daily carnage, don’t vote for them. don’t vote for them. Anyone running for an election who suggests our problem is not easy access to guns is not a serious candidate. don’t vote for them. it’s a gun

Pools and youth swim teams should be city priorities

This morning, I called the City of Tucson to ask if they would offer the low-cost recreational swim team that Tucson kids and youth have enjoyed all over town for decades. I was told, “We are working on this.” Please call again on May 23rd. Summers in Tucson are hot, making it difficult and often dangerous for children to play and exercise outside. But last year, the city did not recruit a swim team, saying there was a shortage of lifeguards. That year, even expensive local swim clubs and county pools had swim teams. I urge the City to make this a priority for children and youth this summer.

Proceed while making rules

President Biden is effectively encircling China’s Pacific fleet, using agreements with the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan to deploy the U.S. on islands surrounding his country. Republicans are making a fuss about this accusation and this and that, but as usual the evidence is scant. Meanwhile, President Trump virtually publicly worshiped Putin’s altar. Indeed, the invasion of Ukraine lends weight to the argument that President Trump was allied with President Putin. Because it means that Putin gets what he wants without fighting. The Trump faction, a concept that only surfaced in Democratic administrations and COVID-19, like fiscal responsibility, says what it wants to say as if it were a fact, and then it’s a blatant lie. Making up the rules (Garland/Connie Barrett). Before all this is done, China is more likely to invade Russia for the waters of Lake Baikal than it is to invade Taiwan.

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