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MCAS Yuma 2023 Airshow Set to Take Flight

After a three-year hiatus, the skies above Yuma are once again filled with daring pilots performing extreme aerial maneuvers.

The 2023 Yuma Air Show is scheduled to fly on March 11, an official at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma said Wednesday.

It had been canceled the previous year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I mean, it’s not funny because we’ve been planning this air show for the last three years and it never happened, right?” Capt. Brett Vanier of the Public Affairs Office at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma told KAWC. “It’s been a lot of work and I’m so excited to finally be able to open the gates and get everyone back together.”

Air shows open up otherwise inaccessible military installations to civilians and bring to a close what Marines and sailors do every day for their country.

This year’s free event includes a skydiving demonstration and an aerial demonstration of the F-35-A Lightning Two with pilots from both the Air Force and Marine Corps.

MV-22-B Osprey pilots will also demonstrate their aerial combat prowess. Vanier says the Osprey is a hybrid between an airplane and a helicopter and requires special skills to fly.

Pilots work 365 days a year in the clear blue skies of the desert to hone their skills. Their flights can be heard from all points in Yuma County.

“We joke about the sound of freedom, which can be loud and annoying at times, but the support of this community and their pride in their military…it’s absolutely tremendous,” Vanier said. “And since they are so rarely seen elsewhere in the country, we are so excited to have them on base and have a small show to say thank you.”

Also featured are the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band, Marines-Mounted Color Guards, Aftershock Jet Trucks, P-51D Mustang Heritage Flight, and the Marine Corps Air Parade.

Gates open at 9am for the Saturday air show. This event will take place only one day for him this year.

Performances start at 10:30am and end around 1:00pm

Gates to access the show will be closed at noon and no inbound traffic will be allowed.

Free general parking access is located off 14th Street at the south end of the Air Force Base. Please use the shuttle bus from the free parking lot to the venue entrance.

Officials are expecting a large number of visitors. Therefore carpooling is recommended.

All spectators will undergo a security screening prior to entering the flightline area.

For more information, please visit

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