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Meet Your Business: Author Blackwood pens horror novel set in Montana

Richard Alan Blackwood is an author, published under the pseudonym RA Blackwood, who writes stories primarily related to the horror genre. Kindle.

He has worked as an instructor and teacher in the wood/hardware industry, food service, construction, public works, automotive, and technology.

your name: Richard Allan Blackwood (pseudonym RA Blackwood)

Year: 58

Trade name: Author of ‘Not Existent: The Montana Horror’

Town/Region: Entire Valley and Maricopa County

business hours: 24/7

Personal career highlights: I’m a product of the 1960’s and grew up in Southern California. I have been fortunate enough to travel and see much of this wonderful country and have lived in several states throughout the United States.For nearly twenty years I have called Montana home. On a personal level, I am a mysterious figure shrouded in riddles. My personal interests are vast and diverse. I enjoy old film noir and pre-coded movies, but I also love the horror genre as a whole. He also enjoys listening to old radio programs from the 1930s to 1950s and heavy metal (especially from the late 1980s to early 1990s for him). In fact, since I started speaking, one of my first words has been “why,” followed by “how.” I certainly drove my parents crazy. (smile)

Professional background highlights: I have worked in the lumber/hardware industry, food service, construction, public works, automotive, technology, instructors, and teachers.

what i do: I am a published author, writing stories primarily related to the horror genre.

What I love most about doing business here: Most of my family live in Arizona and I love being a part of their daily lives.

What I advertise: “Non-Existent A Montana Horror” is available in paperback/hardcover and e-reader from Amazon and Kindle. We’re giving away a free signing page (and a free preview of the next book in the series) for every purchase made for this article. For more information, please visit

Story summary: In a world filled with greedy and self-centered people, there are always witnesses who catalog the misdeeds of the unpunished. It’s these witnesses that evoke the spirit. The hero of this story pushes the boundaries of evil as he is bound by the “Dark One”. Folks, this is no ordinary camp. Active participants in this story will never be the same when they encounter something that doesn’t exist.

What I’m excited about and why: life! Enjoy and cherish each day.

Favorite Community Causes and Reasons: I am a big proponent of all things that have a positive impact on the community.

Where I used to be and why I left: Northeastern Montana. Winters are harsh and there are few amenities.

my family: I am happily married to Lenny Blackwood. We went to the same school together and come from the same hometown in Sokal. We recently reunited and got married on January 1, 2023. Both have children from previous marriages. We both see our children as “our children”. With that said, our children are Michael, Garrett, Jessica and Lindsay. I have a large family with deep roots here in Arizona. Shout out to just a few of our Arizona families because it would take an entire newspaper to cover everyone. Kelly Aubuchon, Paul Aubuchon. Susan Blackwood; Joseph Aubuchon; Amanda Aubuchon Singleton, Foster Singleton, Enzo. Rosalie Aubuchon; Lisa Aubuchon and Pete Pestalozzi. Kim Pestalozzi, Chris Woz, Bradley. Melissa Pestalozzi and Ben Boudreau.

My interests and hobbies: American muscle cars, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, home restoration projects, new and proven recipes, cooking technology.

Who inspired me (and how): Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951). In my humble opinion, he was the originator of the thriller/horror genre.

My guiding philosophy: Life is a buffet, enjoy every course.

My advice to today’s youth: I am from a very different time and place. I see many young people sitting and complaining about life. My advice is to never stop learning and trying. With so many resources at your fingertips, there is no excuse for living a full and productive life.

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