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Melody Felicano Johnson tried to kill airman husband: Police

Tucson, Arizona police say Melody Felicano Johnson poisoned her husband, an Air Force officer, by secretly putting bleach in a coffee maker. (Mugshot: Pima County Sheriff’s Department)

Police in Tucson, Arizona, said one Air Force soldier’s nightly routine was to prepare coffee for the next morning, and his wife used it to pour bleach into the machine.

Police have charged Melody Felicano Johnson, 39, with attempted first-degree domestic violence murder, attempted aggravated assault with domestic violence, and poisoning of food and drink. Records show she remains in Pima County Jail without bail.

The couple, who have children and live together, were on the verge of divorce. The policeman wrote in the complaint.

My husband was transferred to Germany in March 2023. Around that time, I started to realize that coffee was bad for me.

“He continued to drink coffee for the next two to three weeks, but the coffee still tasted so bad that he ended up buying pool chemical test strips,” the agency wrote.

A test of the water from the faucet showed no abnormalities, but a high concentration of chlorine was detected in the water in the coffee pot, police said.

The husband said he believed someone was tampering with the coffee and installed cameras in his home.

His wife was caught pouring something into the coffee pot.

“He said he knew she would prepare the coffee pot at night so that in the morning all he had to do was turn it on to make the coffee,” the documents show. “At that time he stopped drinking coffee, but he did not want to report this during his stay in Germany, so he continued to pretend to drink coffee.”

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