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Miami Beach Is Attempting To Turn Spring Break Into A Police State

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis will reportedly deploy 140 state troopers across Florida to curb violence during the 2024 spring break period.

DeSantis decided to introduce additional police protection after two shootings in Miami Beach during spring break 2023 led to a state of emergency and late-night curfew. . according to To AccuWeather. An additional 40 state troopers will be participating in Miami Beach alone, the mayor said.

“At the state level, we stand ready to help maintain order in local communities,” DeSantis said Tuesday, as reported by AccuWeather. “We don't welcome unrest. There's a lot going on in the state and it's a fun place to be…We want to see people do that, but we don't want people to break the law. I’m also going to insist on respect.”

An additional 17 law enforcement agencies and rapid response teams will also receive assistance from police with crowd control, drunk-driving checkpoints, license plate readers and traffic direction, the newspaper said.

DeSantis' move comes as Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, who has reportedly placed nearly 1,000 officers in the New York State Police Department, comes at a time when crime in the U.S. is on the verge of a frightening spike and near normalcy. It sounds eerily similar to the movement promoted in New York. , MTA police and National Guard patrol New York City subway stations to curb crime. (Related article: 'Too dangerous': Grandpa reportedly books one-way ticket to China after US city becomes hellscape of violence)

So I just want to say a satirical “thank you” to all the perverts in America who over the last few years have decided it's a good idea to commit horrible crimes instead of being good people. “Well done,” he said with great sarcasm to all the politicians who stopped cracking down on crime for no reason. You've turned this place into a police state for the rest of us, and I really hate it.

Criminals and politicians alike owe a huge apology to all police officers for separating them from their families during spring break. Shame on you, everyone. You ruined the rest of our lives.

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