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Michael Oher Wrote About Conservatorship In 2011 Book, Tuohy Lawyers Claim He Was Paid For ‘The Blind Side’

Former NFL star Michael Oher wrote his memoir I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, To The Blind Side, and Beyond in 2011 after The Blind Side hit screens and bookshelves. .

Tuohy family attorney Randall Fishman said Wednesday: fox news Mr. Orr acknowledged that he was a guardian despite allegations filed in a Tennessee court that someone lied to him when he signed papers when he was 18. He claimed he knew he wasn’t actually adopted.

in his book, Oel He said he “became a legal member of the Tuohy family”.

“One big thing that happened right after I graduated from high school was that I became an official member of the Tuohy family. So it felt kind of formal,” Orr wrote.

“Because I am over the age of 18 and considered an adult in Tennessee, Sean and Lee Ann have been named as my ‘legal guardians. They explained to me that it means roughly the same as ‘adoptive parent’ but that the law was only written in a way that took into account my age,” he continued.

“To be honest, I didn’t care what it was called. I was happy that no one could argue that

Lawyers for the Tuohy family allege that Orr, like the rest of the family, received $100,000 from “blind side” profits. according to New York Post.

Tuohy family attorneys Fishman and Stephen Fares Sr. denied Oher’s conservatorship claims and told the media that a “very simple[accounting]process” would debunk the claims. Told. according to Tennessee.

said Michael Lewis, author of the book that inspired the film. Washington Post He added that the Tuohys didn’t get rich from the film, and that the family split the $250,000 they received from 20th Century Fox.

According to WaPo, Mr. and Mrs. Sean Ann Tuohy claimed that they split the money evenly among five members of the family, including Mr. Orr.

The Tuohys also said that 2.5% of the film’s future earnings, reportedly worth about $500,000, will be split between Sean, Lee Ann, their two biological children (Collins and SJ), and Orr. The Tennessee Ann reported that he claimed that (Related: Tuohy family speaks out on Michael Oher’s ‘blind side’ allegations)

Fishman told Fox that Orr “got every dime that came in.”

“They don’t need his money. They never needed his money. Tuohy sold the company for $220 million,” Farese added.

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