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Migrants in Yuma County await their final destination

No migrants were seen at the border on Friday as their Title 42 expired and processed migrants continue their journey

Somerton, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Title 42 has officially expired and more than 140 screened immigrants will be released across Yuma County on Friday morning, according to Yuma Mayor Doug Nichols. It is said that it was

There was no activity from the Yuma district border on Friday, and no free immigrants were seen in Yuma.

However, Somerton’s Regional Center for Border Health (RCBH) is working to keep the border safe by picking up about 850 processed immigrants and helping them confirm their travel plans to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport or Phoenix’s Greyhound Station. Assisted with security.

RCBH said 16 buses are picking up and transporting migrants.

They have been assisting border security for the past two years.

One immigrant, Luis Fernando Lopez, traveled from Colombia with his wife and two young children.

He recounts a terrifying experience when he came to the United States

“We are happy to be here and especially everything we experienced in Mexico City. We were robbed. They touched women and kidnapped other people. We are happy and thank God that we are here,” Lopez said.

Lopez says he is fleeing violence, especially the civil war.

Her final destination is Los Angeles, where she is with her son.

The RCBH said immigration volumes have steadily increased in recent weeks and will continue to provide border security and assistance to Yuma County communities as needed.

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