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Mike Florio Hilariously Gets Blasted By Fans After Super-Defensive Social Media Post Over Pro Football Talk

This is a straight comedy.

If you're an NFL fan, you probably know who Mike Florio is. But otherwise, he's a reporter (sort of) for NBC Sports and also runs his own brand with Pro Football Talk, which is also associated with the Peacocks. Florio also happens to get a lot of terrible things wrong, resulting in people not being able to take his “reports” seriously. (Related: Jason Kelce receives a really cool retirement gift from a fan: a keg of beer)

Well, as time went on, more and more fans jumped on the bandwagon and started going after Florio for his lack of credibility. And apparently, things have gotten so bad that Florio felt the need to slam X over the matter in a super-defensive post Monday night.

“For those of you who try to ignore our reporting by saying we don't have sources or whatever, you know we had about 50 guests from Indy on last week's show,” Florio wrote. “You realize that almost everyone in the league reads his PFT, right? You know I've been doing this for 23 years, right??”

As you can imagine, many soccer fans, faster than they can jump on nonsense on a hot summer day, pounced on Florio's post, slamming him, and also wondering why it's so hard for people to take him seriously. I brought up multiple examples of what this is.

I’m dead…Mike Florio is toast.

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