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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Commutes Sentence Of Andy Reid’s Son

On Friday, Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced a commutation of the sentence of former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid, NBC News reported.

Parson commuted the sentence to house arrest in recognition of the rehabilitation efforts of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid's son. according to Go to NBC News.

“Mr. Reed has completed an alcohol abuse treatment program and has served longer in prison than most people convicted of similar crimes,” Parsons spokesman Jonathan Shifflett said, NBC reported. .

“Mr. Reed will be under house arrest until October 31, 2025 and will be subject to strict probation.”

Britt faces legal action after 5-year-old Ariel Young suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident near Arrowhead Stadium on February 4, 2021, the newspaper reported. . The newspaper said Reed had a blood alcohol level of 0.113 and was driving about 134 mph at the time of the incident. His sentence was originally set at three years following his guilty plea to driving under the influence, the newspaper said. The commutation does not shorten Reed's sentence, but allows him to serve home confinement. (Related: Teen says head coach Andy Reid helped him out during chaos of parade shooting)

The case also raises questions about disparities in the treatment of criminals. “What makes this criminal defendant different from other criminal defendants in Missouri?” attorney Tom Porto said in an email, NBC News reported. Mr. Reed's attorney, J.R. Hobbs, declined to comment on the reduction.

According to NBC News, Britt was placed on leave after the incident and his contract was not renewed. The Chiefs then agreed to fund Ariel's lifelong care and related expenses.

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