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MLB Blasted For Very, Very Awkward Black History Month Post Celebrating Barry Bonds

When you mention the name Barry Bonds, it immediately clicks.

This is your all-time home run king*, and even though he's retired, he's probably the most polarizing figure in all of baseball. For example, MLB decided to celebrate Bonds with his social media posts during Black History Month. As a result, many people have some thoughts. Because of course they did.

Like most organizations, Major League Baseball celebrates Black History Month throughout February by giving flowers to some of its most iconic Black players, and Sunday was Bonds' turn.

But…there's just one problem.

Yes, Bonds has accomplished a lot, and certainly he's one of the greatest figures in the game – but those just happen to be the big asterisks next to everything that's in the history books.

Although there is still speculation surrounding Bonds regarding PEDs and steroids, Bonds himself still suggests he never did it with his knowledge. Excluding BALCO cream. As a result of this allegation, Barry Bonds was not inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. for 10 years that he is qualified.

But for some reason, MLB took all the credit for Bonds on social media anyway and shockingly (*obvious irony*) made no mention of the accusations. (Related: Las Vegas mayor has no interest in Athletics moving to Sin City)

And baseball fans could smell it.

Major League Baseball has egg all over its face…it's really bad.

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