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Mobile Police Department reports reduced crime in annual report

The Mobile Police Department has released the city's 2023 annual crime statistics report.Cities recognized in one time by forbes Mobile, the second most dangerous city in the country, showed an overall decrease in crime across several key categories.

According to statistics, There were 33 homicides in Mobile in 2023, eight fewer than the previous year. This decrease corresponds to a 19.5% decrease in the homicide rate. The number of rapes decreased from 119 to 77, a 35% decrease from 2022. In 2023, compared to the previous year, there were 154 fewer robberies, 140 fewer aggravated assaults, and six fewer vehicle thefts.

Robberies in the city had been on a sharp decline since 2017, but there was a slight increase from 143 in 2022 to 146 in 2023.

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Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine detailed the report's numbers.

“The City of Mobile has reduced all Part I crimes by 17% and violent crimes by 10% compared to 2022,” Prine wrote. “Mobile experienced a decrease in all crime categories except for robberies, which increased by 2%. In real numbers, he will have three more robberies than in 2022.”

“The department’s strategic plan is working.”

“Crime is on the decline, and it's on the decline. So we'll be able to continue to adjust for the effect while maintaining the decline.”

Austin Shipley is a staff writer at Yellowhammer News.

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