‘Money, power, sex:’ Idaho prosecutors asks jury to convict slain kids’ mom in alleged doomsday plot

Boise, Idaho – Idaho prosecutors spent the last four weeks struggling detail their case against a woman accused of murder 2 youngest children and romantic rivalry In a bizarre plot focused on the apocalypse.

Madison County Prosecutor Rob Wood delivered an impassioned address to jurors on Thursday morning, urging them to convict. Lori Varrow Daybell For the deaths of Joshua “JJ” Valor, 7, Tyree Ryan, 16, and her fifth husband’s ex-wife Tammy Dabell.

“Money, power and sex,” Mr. Wood told jurors, echoing an opening argument he heard last month. “In early October 2018, Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell set off a chain of events leading to three gruesome murders in Idaho.”

Valor Dabell wanted “no obstacles to get in the way” to get what he really wanted: money, power and sex, Wood said.

“The plan she started must end with the verdict you give in this trial today,” Wood said.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty to conspiracy, murder and grand theft. Valor Daybell could face life in prison if convicted. Chad Daybell’s trial is still months away.

When Tyree was murdered in September 2019, Wood told jurors that everything in life was waiting for Tyree.

“Tyree’s body was burned beyond recognition. Her body was mutilated in such a grotesque and extreme manner that the coroner could not determine the cause of death, Wood said. He said he had stab wounds on his pelvis.

Only two weeks later, Mr. Wood said, “J.J. Varrow’s voice was forever silenced with duct tape over his mouth.” “A white plastic bag was put over my head and wrapped with packing tape from my forehead to my chin.”

According to Wood, the evidence shows that JJ had a tough time and at one point had the boy’s arms and legs bound with duct tape.

“He stopped breathing, his heart stopped beating and he died. It was a brutal and horrifying murder of a 7-year-old boy with special needs,” he said.

Wood said Valor Daybell never reported his children missing, but continued to collect checks for survivor benefits each child had received because their father died earlier.

Wood said Tammy Dabell was killed between October 18 and October 20, 2019.

“Tammy Daybell, a loving and active mother of five and a school librarian, was murdered in her home. She suffocated in her home,” Wood said.

Mr. Wood also reviewed evidence and testimony presented to jurors in the past four weeks and found that under Idaho law, aiding and abetting, such as cooperating in a criminal plot, is the same as committing the crime yourself. reminded the jury.

in some cases, testimony of the incident Valor Dabell’s only surviving child, Colby Ryan, accused her of murdering his brother In a recorded phone call in prison.

Other testimonies are also bizarre, such as Valor Daybell’s former friend Melanie Gibb, who testified that Valor Daybell believed the people in her life had been possessed by demons. Turned into a “zombie” — including her two youngest children. Witnesses said four of the people the defendant called “zombie” were later killed or shot.

It was also gruesome when a law enforcement officer testified: The bodies of JJ and Tyree are found. Buried in Chad Daybell’s garden. Witnesses said JJ’s body was wrapped in duct tape and plastic, while Tyree’s body was mutilated and burned, with cuts and puncture marks on the bones. valor daybell hair A DNA analyst said it was found in the duct tape used to wrap JJ.

Meanwhile, Valor Daybell’s attorneys did not call witnesses, and Valor Daybell refused to testify. Instead, defense attorney Jim Archibald argued that he did not believe prosecutors had proven their case, even though he found beyond reasonable suspicion that Valor Dabell committed the crime. Suggested that there was not enough evidence.

The incident began in July 2019, when Valor Dabell’s then-husband Charles Valor was shot dead by his brother Alex Cox in his suburban Phoenix home. Lori and Charles were estranged, and Charles had filed for divorce from her, claiming he believed her to be a goddess sent to guide the biblical apocalypse.

Cox told police at the time that he was acting in self-defense, and no charges have been filed in connection with the death. Cox died later that year when authorities ruled him a natural death. Lori Valor Dabell was later indicted in Arizona in connection with Charles Valor’s death. She has not yet been given an opportunity to plead on the matter.

Prosecutors say Valor Daybell was already in a relationship with Chad Daybell, who was still married to his wife Tammy Daybell at the time. She moved with her brother and children to eastern Idaho to be closer to Chad Daybell.

The children were last seen alive in September 2019. Police found them missing a month later, as relatives became concerned that they had lost contact with JJ. Their bodies were found the following summer.

The case has generated widespread interest, not only in Idaho, but around the world. the judge banned the cameras From courts to limit pre-trial publicity. The trial was also moved to Boise, the capital. 1,800 jury candidates was summoned and elected to a committee of 18 members.

Before the deliberations begin, six members of the committee will be exonerated, leaving twelve to decide Valor Dabell’s fate. The remaining six are alternates and will be replaced if one of the main jurors is unable to serve.

So many people wanted to be heard that court administrators created a seat reservation system and designated a separate hearing room because the court was overwhelmed. About 40 people watched the courtroom-only live stream from the overflow room on the first day of the trial. Over 120 attendees filled the overflow room on Thursday.

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